Saturday, 19 July 2014

Books for bambini

I love bookshops in other countries. I still have a cute board book that I bought in Edinburgh for Jack. Italy has some lovely bookstores and Jack's favourite was La Feltrinelli which we found in Milan, Florence and Rome. The one in Milan had a room set up as Geronimo Stilton's office which really impressed Jack. Geronimo is a mouse who is the head of a publishing house who wears a lot of plaid and Jack and many Italian children are particularly fond of him. I dislike mice, especially when they wear clothes.

  The shop in Florence had a tunnel for kids and an excellent selection of books on poo, so much more entertaining than books about a mouse!


 I was also delighted to find this Dr Seuss book which sounded positively delicious when translated.

In the end we purchased this one for Sam and he was very pleased and that's before we've replaced the batteries and can find out what noises it makes. I wonder...

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