Saturday, 21 August 2010


It's a nice sunny day here which is lucky because I have a tonne of washing and apparently it is going to rain all week. Sigh. Luckily I have my technologically advanced clothesline. Fabulous isn't it and totally adjustable.

The thing is it's probably very 'unaustralian' to complain about the rain as it's what the farmers want (that's us now). It always seems that no matter how much rain you get it's usually not enough or too much or it's at the wrong time and will make the weeds grow. I think this season though we've had the most rain for years. There were pics in the Herald yesterday of beaming farmers standing in front of their crops. A very rare sight indeed.
And what of our crop? The oats jumped out of the ground and then the galahs set about eating them. They didn't get all of them though, but the locusts should finish them off nicely.

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