Sunday, 29 August 2010

bok bok bok

the girls

I've had a hankering to own some chickens for a long time now. There was a chook shed in situ when we bought our old place but it looked like Josef Fritzel built it so we demolished it. Then there was the chook tractor that never quite got completed. It was dome made out of white pvc pipe and chickenwire and blue twine. We left that behind. I was pleased when we moved here that there was a spot for chooks that looked ready to go. Well I thought it just needed a bit of work. Apparently it needed lots of work according to S, but he and Andrew set to work and in no time it was looking ship shape and foxyloxy proof (the most important part). Now all we needed was the chickens.



A friend who was ordering some, kindly got extras for me then minded them until we were ready. Today they arrived, looking a bit stressed, especially when Lucky starting bouncing around on the other side of the wire.

S has just checked on them and they are sitting up on their roosts asleep already. Jack liked the idea of them but seems to find them alarming in the flesh, but we are hoping he will come round. What's not to like?


Amy said...

Oh, I'd love some chickens too!

jetlagmama@themanor said...

I'm sure that would be no prob where you are with Milo (he only eats cake!)