Thursday, 30 October 2008

Jack and Jeans

We went to storytime today (for the second time this week - there's a reason for that which I shall explain soon) where we were pleased to see Jeans aka the Professor. We had a lovely time watching Jack scratch in the dirt like a chicken (all the kids were doing it, not just Jack) and then Michael fed some children to a Boa Constrictor. Fun. Sorry no photos of that.
Then we had a play in the park and ate some of Amy's (from the library a true DG in the Nigella mould) raspberry swirl cheesecake (yum) and lemon and almond cake (you see what I mean? delicious).
We saw some ducks (still a little bit scary) and Jack poked a puddle with a stick and we found a playground. Jeans and I did the tag team thing at the top

and bottom of the slide to stop any flinging that Jack might have been contemplating. What fun! Having two of us there also meant that I could have my photo taken with Jack (for all those people that complain that this doesn't happen enough. I think it's quite good really....

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Amy said...

How cool! I'm mentioned on someone else's blog! Nice photo of your vomitous necklace.