Sunday, 12 October 2008

Little Big Day Out

Last Thursday Jack and Diane and myself headed into Wagga for the annual Little Big Day Out. It's an event organised by the Wagga City Council and so the library, art gallery and theatre as well as other peoples are involved and it is great fun. I had the privilege of taking part in it when I worked at the library and I had an absolute ball. Picture a pregnant woman in a pirate hat singing nicky nacky nocky noo to a roomful of kids and the mayor.
We didn't make it last year so I was determined to go this year. All the local mascots were out in force. DA Dog, Needles the Echidna (I think he's something to do with needle exchange or really), Josie the Cow and there was a thing that looked like a mutant pineapple but may or may not have been a noxious weed. Jack met Josie the cow and nearly shook her hand but freaked out at the last second. Josie took it well.
We got Jack a balloon and he took three steps and it burst (you need to hold it up). So we got another one. He held this one up, maybe that's why he fell over, bursting the balloon. So we found another stall and got two more just to be on the safe side.We bought him a jelly with fruit in it but he was more taken with the cupcake.And we watched a band called the Jumping Beans who rocked. Lots of kids had a groove as did Josie and DA Dog etc. Lots of fun. During the singing Jack and Diane went for a wander and they found a great four wheeler council vehicle. Apparently Jack hopped on and wouldn't hop off. Just sat there playing with the switches and dials and steering wheel. When a parent said to their child,"oh well I guess we'll go try something else..." Jack simply turned and waved then went back to driving. Didn't get a photo but I can imagine it very clearly.
We had a lovely time and rounded the day off nicely by cadging some chips off some friends. Anyone reading this blog would think that we live on a diet of pain au chocolats and cupcakes but we also eat bananas.

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Amy said...

Hi Kristy!! I am looking forward to having a good, long read of this when I am not at work!