Thursday, 9 October 2008

New friends

It's been a busy week for Jack and I (S is pretty much always busy in the exciting world of his phd). Grandma and Grandpa (the Mudgeegong ones - I must really have a word to Jack about coming up with some different names because it does get confusing) came back from Queensland, we both had a play date on Tuesday and also went to the marvellous Little Big Day Out (more on that later).
Last year Jack and I did a thing called Baby Bounce. Oh, that doesn't sound very good. It was a programme run by wagga library for 0-12 month olds and involved rhymes, songs and books. It was very, very good. There were a few yummy mummies, who immediately recognised that I was not one of them (was it because one week my fly was undone? babies are good for blocking that until you get a chance to zip up) but there was a nice mum also with a Jack who turned out to live not far from me. We swapped phone numbers with a plan to catch up and then never got around to it. Then a couple of months ago, after another dispiriting playgroup, I ran into them at the supermarket. Phone numbers were once again exchanged and we promised to catch up. Then Jack and I got sick and didn't call. Finally over our Papal Flu (please refer all questions about this to my father) I found the phone number and decided to make contact. Only to be beaten to the punch on the very same day. Arrangements were made, rescheduled and finally we caught up on Tuesday. Jack and Jack played inside and out and Narelle and I had a great chat. It's nice to meet a normal mum. And I think the Jacks had fun too. It just gets confusing if one plays up and gets chastised and the other gets the "what did I do?" look. We're scheduled for another play this week.

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