Sunday, 12 October 2008

Bogan Wheels

Yesterday the professor and I went to the growers markets in wagga where we indulged in some highly calorific offerings. We then had a bit of time to spare before our movie started (Wall-E) so I joined the Toy Library. We picked up some new wheels for Jack and some things to go with his clam for $2 each. Oh how I love a toy library. I did get some funny looks on the way to the car. A granny on a scooter was checking me out. I think she wanted to drag me.
Surprisingly Jack was delighted with his temporary wheels (how could he not be?) and has spent much of his time since yesterday hopping in and out and steering and reversing (easier than forwards apparently).
Anyway here are some pics. I didn't dress him to match the vehicle - he was already wearing a flanny. All he needs is a pack of winnie blues tucked in the sleeve. Or a 2 litre bottle of coke.

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