Sunday, 5 October 2008

A very busy day

Today was a very busy day. We went to the botanical gardens in Wagga. The miniature railway was running (only every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month) and I thought Jack would appreciate it due to his Thomas obsession. We arrived just in time for the last ride before lunch, paid our $2 and hopped aboard. Thankfully we were all wearing the right footwear. We later heard some women in gladiator sandals grumbling that they hadn't been allowed aboard (enclosed footwear only). We scored a nice little steam train that tooted and hissed as it whizzed along the tracks around the gardens. The railway, which is run by volunteers, was fun and I think Jack liked it, not that you can tell from the photos as he looks very serious. Probably wandering what I was doing with the camera.S and I enjoyed it.After the train we went to the playground (which was chock full of bogan kiddies) and the zoo. The zoo is not particularly exotic and is seriously smelly but the kids like it. Jack pointed a lot and said, "This!" He was quite happy to admire the animals from afar but not so keen on getting up close. Much to our horror he was quite taken with the peacocks but refused to make his pig noises when we saw the pigs. We were expecting an empty pen but the pig has been replaced. We'd heard that the last one had been stolen allegedly by someone of 'pacific islander' appearance who was having a hangi. After the zoo we fed some ducks and picked up some hints on parenting bogan style (make lots of loud, empty threats).

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