Sunday, 2 November 2008

Who says that males can't multi-task?

We took the ute back on the weekend and so far it appears that Jack hasn't noticed. A lot of meticulous planning went into this. Placing the ute in the car after Jack was already buckled in and a diverting trip to spotlight while S took the ute back to the toy library and got something else.
And what did he choose? A John Deere tractor trike with trailer and a stove. Hmm. Trying to get a balanced individual? Part tough country dude/part gastrosexual with a touch of the metrosexual (that's all down to the hair). I asked S to look for a stove because Jack really likes the one at playgroup. He likes to pop things in the microwave then set the clock to time it. But then he also really likes the pink pram with the little black baby.
And the new toys have been a big hit. A first he sat on one whilst using the other (nice) but now they are getting the separate attention they deserve. Well, they would be if I hadn't temporarily removed the trike from his room. Yesterday he was standing on the seat and flinging himself over the handlebars for his Uncle Andrew to catch him.
And the stove? It's still got the slow cooked muffins in there (they've been cooking since Saturday) but now they've been joined by two sheep. Lamb Roast anyone?

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