Sunday, 2 November 2008

the cupcake step

Jack's interest in all things culinary has increased since his introduction to cupcake production. He is now convinced that if there's something going on in the kitchen it requires his presence in a supervisory capacity.
The problem is that he's not as tall as the bench. I appropriated a step from Noel and Diane (it was called the Elsie Step, so named as it was used by S' grandmother to get in and out of 4WD vehicles). It has now become the cupcake step. As I stand at the bench preparing something I'll hear a scraping noise as the step is dragged across the floor to the best viewing position alongside me or usually where I'm standing. I then can relax knowing all will be well under Jack's watchful eye. If only they had Jack scrutinising the kitchen at the Coogee Bay hotel.
If there are too many veggies involved or taste testing is not required the step will be dragged across the kitchen once more so Jack can help with the washing up (um, thanks but I've already washed those...) or reorganising the magnets on the fridge. It's a busy life he leads, full of responsibilities.
And yes, I realise that the bench is very messy; we were making gem scones for morning tea.

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