Monday, 10 November 2008

Market Day

Now as you know I LOVE a market. Love them - simply cannot get enough of them. Well, now I'm taking a big step and I'm going to have a stall at one. I know - it's very exciting. I'll be selling (and at the moment making so that explains the even poorer than normal amount of blogging) handmade toys, bags and cot quilts. So the market is on in a week and a half and will have so much more than my stuff. Gourmet ice cream (yes, my dad will be sampling that), bread (and I mean really good bread) and lots more. So at the moment I'm madly sewing. I get up early when Jack wakes up (ouch) and sew for a few hours then sew during his nap and then after he's gone to sleep I, yep, sew some more. It's getting a little taxing. The other night I closed my eyes to go to sleep and I could see a needle moving up and down into a piece of fabric.
Anyway I took a photo of the flyer (it's sitting on my lap which explains the very poor quality) so if you aren't doing anything come along. Actually if you are cancel it immediately and come along to the Arts Precinct of Cootamundra (more impressive than the Paris end of Wagga) on the 22nd of November and give your eyes (and more) a treat.

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