Thursday, 24 February 2011

Minibreak part 2 Canberra

After lunch at Grazing we drove into Kingston where we were staying. I had booked an apartment right across the road from Silo bakery so we could go there to purchase bread and various other baked goods and have breakfast. Sadly they are not open on Mondays (due to a previous disappointment I already knew they were closed on Sundays.)
We walked to the Kingston bus markets and and purchased some tea and handmade pasta and then decided that we should make the most of our freedom and go to the movies. The choice of movie was a no brainer (True Grit) and so we had an early dinner at Madam Woo (across the road from our apartment, then walked to Manuka for the movies.

our dining companions at Madam Woo

salt and pepper calamari

The next morning after a brief, puzzling excursion to a direct shopping outlet in search of shoes for S, we went to the National Gallery to see the Ballet Russe exhibition. Let's just say that I was a touch more excited than S but he was very patient even while I looked in not one but two of the gallery gift shops (they just have such good stuff).
The exhibition was amazing, the fabrics and colours were so striking. If you want to read about it go here. In the meantime here are some photos. One of the amazing things about the costumes is that the NGA own them. They were purchased at an auction in the 1970's for 3000 pounds and some still have make up marks and signs of wear. Below is my favourite (the Squid!).

The exhibition is on until the 20th March. Definitely worth a trip and make sure you go on any day but Sunday or Monday so you can also go to Silo.

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