Monday, 7 March 2011

the tin hare

Last weekend was the Rhythm and Rail Festival in Junee. There were markets, chocolate and licorice festivities and rides on a train called the Tin Hare. There was also a concert called the Wind in the Roundhouse, which we didn't go to for fear of giggling inappropriately. S & Jack were going to go on the Tin Hare on Saturday while I was at work but we all decided to go together on the Sunday. After a very healthful breakfast of croissants and pain au chocolat we boarded the train for our trip to Wagga. The carriage wasn't very crowded so Jack chatted away to our fellow passengers.He also got to go into the engine room and press the horn. The trip back was much more crowded and entertaining in another way. A mother was asking us for parenting advice. We must have looked like we had things soooooooo under control. We did manage to avoid Teddy going out the window.

The Tin Hare at Wagga Station

Pressing the horn

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