Wednesday, 9 March 2011

treasure hunt

Jack talks about Mollymook quite often. What's not to love about a beach, lots of fish and chips and quality time with your cousins. One of the things we did (my mum's idea) was to have a treasure hunt on the beach.

While we distracted Jack and Scarlett by popping bluebottles with a plastic spade, Mum snuck off into the dunes to bury the loot. After she gave the signal, we consulted a map and then made towards the treasure - where towards means zigzagged to and fro across the beach with us saying, "ooh I think I see pirate footprints over there!"
Jack and Scarlett and Chelsea dug up the 'treasure chest' and were very excited by their loot. Pirates seem to have gone declasse and moved into less traditional forms of treasure but no one seemed to mind.

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