Monday, 7 March 2011

Pancake day II

When I posted about pancake day a couple of weeks ago I had the day wrong. I have been accused of making the mistake on purpose so I can eat more pancakes. Sadly this is not true as I need very little reason to eat pancakes or pikelets.
Happily the correct day for pancake day (or shrove Tuesday) this year is also International Women's Day. As I will be again taking pikelets to work I thought I should celebrate both days together.
I am a fan of the ABC series The Librarians. Some of the people I work with are not fans, not because they are insulted but because they think it is not funny enough. I can sort of see what they mean, funny things do go on. For example, we have a customer who brings us gifts and beauty advice. Like using haemorrhoid cream to firm up the skin around your eyes. Last year she also presented some of the staff (the female ones that she likes) with chocolate boobs. So, inspired by her I have made pikelet boobs for morning tea tomorrow. It took some experimentation with shape and nipples but I think I got there.

But why do I keep thinking of Elle?

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Amy said...

Oh boy, am I looking forward to those! Sadly, I have been too busy watching Persuasion to make any of my own.....