Thursday, 10 February 2011


One of the consequences of whooping cough quarantine is that you need to find lots of things to entertain yourself or your three year old son. In January we did a serious amount of craft. And too much baking. And a fair amount of fort building too (though really I just wanted to put this pic in because someone took extra cuteness medicine on the day this photo was taken).

Dino painting I

Dino painting I I

gingerbread using our fancy new cutters from Milton near Mollymook

I think the oven may have been to hot - singed mermaid - ick

robot craft

glass hippo (I made one of these when I was little - loved it!)

smartie biscuits - yum

such concentration


rocket craft - not very aerodynamic but lots of panache!


Amy said...

Jack looks like you in the fort photo! So cute :)

jetlagmama@themanor said...

we are adorable - it's all the cream and butter we consume!