Thursday, 10 February 2011

Rest and Recuperation

At times I felt guilty when people were texting asking how we were going with the whooping cough. If we hadn't known what it was we would have thought it was a weird cold indeed but not something worth of quarantine. At the time we still seemed to have plenty of energy to try out Jack's new slide (thanks Ganma) which is very fancy indeed. We just have to do something about making the ground softer here. And Jack needs to work on his sliding technique (the bit where he moves rather than me grabbing him by the wrists and flinging him down the slide).
Weeks after I wrote the above, we are still coughing and are less underwhelmed by whooping cough. And it seems that Junee is in the grips of an epidemic of whooping cough. Please make sure that you are vaccinated.

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Anonymous said...

You and Jack make whooping cough look like so much fun. If I am ever quarantined I know who I want with me!