Monday, 6 April 2009

playgroup tart

A while ago I was accused of being a playgroup tart. I have sampled most of the local groups except for one and had been invited along but it clashes with storytime at the Library. Last week the planets aligned and we went to storytime then onto the Botanical Gardens and Zoo to meet the group. Really though it was the same crowd (and not the boganical kind) so it was very enjoyable. We had a quick look at the zoo, where Jack was surprised and delighted when the pig that he was oinking at, oinked back. The geese weren't so thrilled at having ten children honking at them. Then another easter egg hunt, more egg and spoon races and running about on lovely soft grass (no bindies). Jack managed to find more eggs this time
and also had a play with his friend William.

William's mum Renee took these lovely pics of the two of them together. Very cute.

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