Monday, 6 April 2009


Every day Jack seems to learn more new words. It is amazing and entertaining. I like it when he tells the dog to sit and it comes out, "SHIT!" Fortunately Lucky only sits on command.
Another new word is beggs which is of course eggs. We have no shortage of eggs around here. The easter eggs have been in the shops since boxing day and Jack's also been playing with these fantastic eggs that Ganma bought him for his birthday. They come with spoons for racing and when you drop them they break open and the 'yolk' falls out. They have provided hours of entertainment. When Scarlett was here, she and Jack were flinging them around the house then delightedly exclaiming, "Oh no!"

I took some to playgroup and they were a big hit. They were the warm up for the easter egg hunt (we've been partaking in a few of those). Jack wasn't really sure about the concept and stopped after he found his first egg (to eat it) while all the other kids scooted around stuffing their bags full. I'm sure he'll get better with practice.

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