Thursday, 23 April 2009

The artiste II

Another advantage of the exponential increase in Jack's vocabulary is that now when he draws (which seems to be alot at the moment) he can tell me what he is drawing. I find this enchanting and amazing to watch as he confidently uses crayons or paint and then tells me what it is. His concentration is intense (I can tell by the way he moves his mouth as he draws) and he's not at all self conscious about his ability to draw.
At first he was doing a lot of cow drawings (Cow Series crayon on paper 2009 currently showing at the Jack D gallery) but he has been moving on to other subject matter. As soon as he completes a work I write the subject and date on the back. Otherwise, with him being so prolific, I would have no chance of remembering. Anyway here's a selection:

Cows (1 from a series) Cows (2 from a series),
Portrait of Peppa Pig (painted today),

Portrait of Peppa, George and dinosaur - grrr (also today - George and the dinosaur are blue),

Maisy, some birds and a snake (Maisy is brown and the snake is purple)

and finally my favourite, this is Mum (me!) and an apple. I am so honoured. Sorry the pics aren't great but you get the vibe of the thing.

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