Saturday, 21 February 2009

so-so job on my best job application

Well, I've done it and submitted it. Not quite what I first had in mind (me on a banana lounge in my mu mu and boots, sucking on a VB with a cocktail umbrella with sheep running past) which just seemed too difficult (I don't own a banana lounge).
So then I ran with the storytime idea (being an ex-storytime lady). The professor came over yesterday (but not for a slumber party, so sadly no choc chip penguin shaped waffles for breakfast) and helped with the filming and entertaining Jack so there wouldn't be any yelling in the background. Me reading and flicking the pages didn't quite work out (it required far too much co-ordination) so we went to plan B. It's nice, different, unusual but then I wanted to do something a bit different from all those size zero marine biologists duck diving and talking to the camera.
After a few technical difficulties (and more uploading it to blogger so if you really, really want to see it go to youtube) and S taking my profile picture...

(I like to think of it as anti-glamour) I submitted my application and got a nice little message back.

Thank you for your application – good luck!

We’ll send you an email within the coming week to confirm your application. Then make sure you send all your friends and family the link to your video. If your application makes Tourism Queensland’s short list and then receives the most votes, you’ll win a Wild Card through to the interview stage.

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