Saturday, 14 February 2009

Health Food

Continuing our Sunday season of retro breakfast treats, last weekend we had pikelets. And being oh so healthy we had them with banana, ice cream and honey. Actually I think we'd run out of bananas. I looked up a recipe on the internet but they were all just tarted up premade store bought pikelets. Oh the horror! I found a recipe in a cookbook and while they were edible they were not quite what I was after. I had something fluffier in mind but then I think it's been over twenty years since I ate one. A guy I knew force fed me a pikelet or two (ah such laughs) and I haven't been able to face them till now. I guess with that kind of history they were bound to disappoint. Jack wasn't too sure about the pikelets either so he just sucked the ice cream off them and then handed them to me. Mum has offered to send me the Margaret Fulton recipe and whilst I'm not so keen on her (MF that is) I remember that the pikelets that Mum used to make for us after school were delicious.

Then during the week we made a chocolate cake, which none of us liked at all and it just went to waste. What a shame.
And yesterday I made Nigella's Chocolate Pavlova for Diane's birthday. Jack gets excited as soon as the mixer starts going. Somehow he knows that it's not tofu burgers that I'm whipping up. Here's a photo of the one Nigella made. Imagine that with birthday candles sticking out the top and Jack trying to blow them out. He's practising for March.

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