Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Another cup of Rosy Tea?

It seems funny to me that little kids are so fascinated with teapots, cups and saucers when many people don't use them anymore. I know there was a recent return to quality tea and the proper brewing technique amongst the gourmet set but for us mere mortals it's usually a tea bag bunged in a mug.
Yesterday at the Oasis a little girl had her teapot and three cups in the toddler pool. She was more than happy to refill our cups over and over and over. (That meant lots of fake slurping on my part then me telling Jack to spit out the water - ugh toddler pool water).
For her birthday we got Scarlett a tea set and it's been a big hit. She loves to put everything out on the tray and pour numerous cups of tea. And of course it's imperative to slurp as one 'drinks' their tea. Such fun. Is there an instinct about teapots and cups that kids act upon or is it something to do with Dorothy and all her cups of Rosy tea?

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Amy said...

I must be a big kid because I collect pretty tea cup/saucer/cakeplate sets and I have two tea pots, one big, one little, and I use them all the time! That said, it has been too hot to drink tea lately so Ihaven't used them for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to Tuesday's cool change!