Friday, 6 February 2009

keeping cool

So I mentioned that it has been hot around here lately. Well, it's even warmer today. It's very bizarre (and note that I say bizarre and not surreal) to watch the news and see all that snow in London. And no buses. It's supposed to be about 43 degrees, but I can't give you an exact reading because our thermometer is inside. It does say it's 34 degrees and that's with the evap going. A family of magpies are sheltering from the heat on our verandah. They stand in front of our door to make the most of any cool air that's escaping the house and every now and then they warble.
The excursion that Jack and I had planned for a vanilla milkshake and some cake from Ajanta ( a great cafe inCoolamon that also sells jewellery and assorted goodies) had to be changed as they are closed due to the heat. Instead we went to the bakery where the milkshake was okay but the lamington was dry. Even Jack seemed to think so as he built a tower out of pieces of lamington instead of eating it. The trip was not a total loss though. Jack saw Grandma and Grandpa and also got some new Thomas boardshorts (is there no end to the merchandising?) He wanted to change his clothes right then and there on the footpath in Coolamon but we talked him out of it.
This afternoon after his nap, we brought his clam shell inside. It's too hot to use it outside and the Junee pool would probably be pee soup as my father would say. The indoor pool was a hit, especially when experienced while eating an ice cream. Anything to stay cool.

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