Saturday, 14 February 2009

Seeing red

It was time for the ute to go back yesterday. I'm always surprised that there aren't tears when the ute is relinquished yet again. Especially when we're trying to drive the ute quickly through the Wagga library with Jack in the driver's seat and his feet get wedged underneath. But when we got to the toy library tardis and gave back the ute Jack simply slid down a slippery dip then hopped into a car and that was that. The words "maybe this month we'll just borrow something small" had only just popped out of my mouth and then he took possession of his new vehicle and resistance was useless.
Earlier on in the week, Jack and I had been on a playdate with a new friend and Jack, whilst not so taken with the little boy, was very impressed with his musical instruments, particularly his red electric guitar (like Murray). I don't think the toy library stretches to those but we borrowed a very fine red ukulele (just the right size) which he is delighted with. It's all been a bit rock'n roll since then. Jack playing the ukulele with his teeth,

using the ukulele as a weapon. Sitting in his red car, playing his red guitar. It goes faster that way. Rock on.

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