Saturday, 6 June 2015

Fremantle Heritage Festival

They do love a festival here and not so long ago there was a heritage festival. Part of the celebrations centred around Athur Grady Day. Who was Arthur and why did he get his own day you ask? Arthur was the first person to ride a motorbike around Australia in 1924 which is particularly impressive when you see how much suspension there was on bikes then (zero) and how horrendously uncomfortable the seats looked.

 In his honour, Kings Square was filled with vintage bikes and cars and one or two Clydesdales and there were vintage buses ferrying people to places like the Maritime museum where a gold coin donation got you in for a looksee.

Back at the square and the Town Hall there were displays of old gramophones and telephones and a group of sartorially splendid Morse Codians just waiting to send a message for you. And funnily enough the weather was glorious.

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