Saturday, 6 June 2015


My very beautiful friend Professor Pants gave us a lovely present before we left (one of many thoughtful, wonderful gifts we received). She listened and decided against any large unwieldy objects and gave us a family voucher to AQWA which is the aquarium here in Perth. Today, we packed food and water and essential items and left Fremantle, heading north to Hilary's boat harbour which is where the aquarium is located.
It was overcast today, which had locals rushing to don woolly jumpers and light their fires but as it turned out, it was the perfect day to be indoors looking at fish.
We saw many wonderful fish including Dory and Nemo ( I wonder if aquarium people love or loathe that movie as little people shout their names excitedly as they spot them both) and some great jellyfish. The best bit would definitely be the moving footway/underwater tunnel that had even the most experienced underwater observers amongst us (S) pointing excitedly at smiley mouthed rays, turtles and of course sharks.

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