Tuesday, 23 June 2015

come home harvey!

I also found this in my drafts. I wonder if Harvey ever made it home?

LONDON - A resourceful pooch is on the run in northern England after using a trampoline to catapult himself out of his fenced yard.
Harvey, the squat Staffordshire bull terrier, apparently bounced his way to freedom after being unable to make it over the fence of his family's yard in York.
Harvey's owner Laura Kidson said her children Chloe, four, and nine-month-old Cole, were devastated about their beloved pet's disappearance.
"The fence isn't all that high but he couldn't get over it on his own and must have used the trampoline to bounce himself into my neighbour's garden and get out," Kidson told The Northern Echo.
"He's something of an escape artist and he has got out before but not for a long time and we were just starting to think that he'd stopped all that."
The three-year-old dog had been known to enjoy the odd bounce on the trampoline before, joining Chloe and her cousin Morgan as they practised their highest leaps.
"My daughter won't stop crying and I'm really worried someone might have him and be mistreating him, because he's such a lovely gentle dog," Kidson said.
"I got him just after I had Chloe and she loves him. One of my real worries is that they are the most stolen dog. I hope no-one has picked him up off the street to sell him.
"I have phoned the police and the council dog warden, but no-one has seen or heard of him and we're getting desperate."
The search for Harvey continues

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