Saturday, 6 June 2015

Eat all of the food

After living in a rural area for 13 years it's only natural surely that I'd go a little crazy when presented with so many eating opportunities. Junee exotic was Danny's Kitchen which served country Chinese food (Chicken and Almond or Beef Chow Mein) or umm...a curry pie from the bakery. Actually not long before we moved a new restaurant opened up that served Indian and Italian food (a natural pairing) though sadly we never got to try it.

Here I am like a kid in a candy shop surrounded by places to purchase Pho, sushi, macarons, noodles, dumplings, cannoli, bratwurst, paella and well, you get the idea. Jack is usually my partner in crime (while Sam subsists on a diet of fishfingers and sauce) although sometimes S and I sneak away for lunch together. This week we found a fantastic place in Northbridge for yum cha and a few weeks ago we had pickled octopus and pizza at Little Creatures. I'm definitely going back for more of those dumplings.

Sushi from The Modern Eatery in Fremantle

A Gourmet Hotdog aka the Scoundrel from Run Amuk in South Fremantle (the homemade lemonade is delicious). We've only been there 3 times since we moved here...that's ok isn't it?
My cannoli connoisseur at our local pasticceria

Xiaolongbao from Northbridge

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