Saturday, 6 November 2010

More facepainting

It would seem that being a superhero would be enough for any three and a half year old, but not for Jack. We went to the farmers markets this morning (I was there for the french bread and the veggie man - Jack was there for the dancing pigs).

When we saw Kelly and Renee doing face painting Jack wanted it done again. This time he wanted to be a fish. Hmmm - he always seems to choose the tricky ones. He was pleased with the results and decided to celebrate with a milkshake at the Thomas cafe.
Once there we were joined by Spiderman, aka Jack's friend Flynn. He too was very pleased with his face. (that's a special scary face that he's making for the camera).

And as for the dancing pigs? We saw them when they arrived but somehow missed the dancing.
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Amy said...

Dancing pigs? At least Jack didn't ask to be a Chinese person :)