Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Cup Day!

and they're off!

Every year when the Melbourne Cup rolls around I am invariably working so I have never been trackside with a fascinator and a glass of bubbles. Except of course when I was on maternity leave after Jack was born but somehow I don't think that's a good look taking a baby to the races (after too many bubbles have been imbibed).

As Carol said, "A tiara is not a hat" and neither is a mask.
What a shame I think it's grrrreat


Years ago I visited Lincraft and purchased the makings of a raceday hat and it has been in service ever since. Dusted off and donned every first Tuesday of November. It's starting to moult. And of course yesterday I was working at the library and not only wore the hat but frocked up as well. I also convinced my fellow library people to don hats (some but not all). We had nibblies and sweet treats and gathered at three for 'the race that stops the nation' clutching our sweep tickets. The race was over in no time and we went back to shelving, collecting our winnings (woohoo $4 for me)and dealing with the general public.

Kelly with her sweep tickets

People react in funny ways to a gal in a hat. One man told me I looked like Gai Waterhouse (a compliment apparently*) and another customer saw my hat and said, "Oh it must be Melbourne Cup Day!" When I looked surprised and said, "is it?" to wind him up he was really phased. So much so that he had to comment about it to other staff. One of whom replied, "yes imagine the odds of not knowing it's Melbourne Cup day and wearing a hat". Indeed.

*Jack told me I looked "handsome" when I put my dress on and gave me a cuddle. Lovely really but why does the word handsome always remind me of Margaret Whitlam?

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