Thursday, 2 September 2010

the zoo

As soon as Jack knew we were going to Sydney he kept on saying that he wanted to do two things: eat pizza and go to the Zoo. For weeks he made me draw a map showing how we would get from Ganma and Nonno's house to the zoo and specifying our mode of transport. Luckily they live in the same suburb so it wasn't a large map.
Quick Ganma! To the Zoomobile!

Mum and I had discussed just seeing certain animals and seeing the rest another time but we saw the whole lot. Lions, tigers and bears (oh my) as well as gorillas, seals, elephants, meerkats, goats, chickens, turkeys, frogs, lizards, penguins and well you get the idea.

hello down there (don't you just love goats?)

your Highness?

the elephants

and a Fennec Fox (don't tell Paris how adorable
they are she'll want one for her handbag)

The southern oceans animals are always a big hit with Jack (although the seal show despite some preshow excitement was not nearly as fascinating as expected). Actually while I was taking photos of these sea lions playing/fighting/canoodling Jack put on a song and dance show of his own on some very stage like steps.

sea lion ballet ( you may need to enlarge it)

a fairy penguin

the mermaid enclosure

there's a ring in in that police line up

We walked, caught the train and the sky safari which was timed brilliantly so that we got an aerial view of the elephants playing soccer. Jack and Mum were very brave as we took off up into the sky.

We paused for lunch, which was very civilised in spite of some tourists being terrorised by kookaburras and lorikeets (no really). At one stage Jack took off buzzing around in circles yelling out, "Dottywot!SpottyWot!" When my mum looked puzzled by this behaviour I explained that Jack was pretending to be a WotWot. This didn't really make things clearer but it certainly wore him out.

Every time we thought we'd had enough Jack would beg to see another fifteen animals or so and we'd be off again. Finally we staggered back stopping to pick up a cupcake for Jack before our Nana naps.

For anyone who doesn't know what a wotwot is look here

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