Tuesday, 14 September 2010

the chop

Last Friday Jack had his photos taken at preschool so last Wednesday I booked him in for a haircut. He was pretty excited (though let's be honest more about morning tea afterwards than the actual cut) and was very good at first.

Then he got a bit fidgety,

and itchy from the hair and then he looked like this.

And all I could do was laugh and then I took him for the promised morning tea and he was much happier. He was actually very good. Apparently some kids run screaming from the room as soon as they see the scissors. Maybe they shouldn't have nightmare on elm street playing on the DVD player at the salon. (haha).
Sorry the pics are a bit foggy - they looked much better after I cleaned Jack sized fingerprints off the camera lens.

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Amy said...

That last photo of Jack s so funny!