Monday, 20 September 2010

you can lead a duck to water...

For anyone worried about Ping's wellbeing, she is fine. She still has all her feathers (because apparently this pecking order stuff can be full on) and even when we let her and the girls out to free range she tends to stick pretty close to them. I'm not sure if she has learnt to speak chicken or if they can speak duck but things are relatively peaceful. Well, except for yesterday when a friend of Jack's pushed a truck at high speed whilst yelling at the top of his lungs (and they are impressive lungs - he gets lots of volume) straight at Ping.

Today she had a quieter day. Sort of. Jack and I filled his clam shell then Jack said he would catch Ping and put her in the water.

Wait! Ping!

come back!


Not very successful - ducks (and chickens can walk surprisingly fast). While this doesn't look very relaxing for our birds it's progress for Jack who used to run screaming from the girls if they even poked their heads out the door of their henhouse.
Today I made a sponge cake using duck eggs (not Ping's she's still a tad young I think) and leftover whipped cream and some of Diane's apricot jam. It will be morning tea tomorrow at work. I hope I get a piece this time!

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Amy said...

No way, I'm eating the whole thing ;) Those photos of Jack chasing Ping are hilarious. Your house sounds like so much fun, I might move in! See you in the morning. (The word verification is 'sucksto' as in 'It sucks to have to do word verification'.