Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sugar hit

We had a delightful morning this morning. We were lured to Amy's house with the promise of building a gingerbread house. I know it seems a strange time of the year to be doing this, but Amy offered before Christmas but we were away. Who are we to let tradition stand in the way of sweet treats (and seeing Amy and Bethany of course).Amy had made the gingerbread the night before so all we had to do was assemble the house. But first we had morning tea (we needed sustenance to get us through the heavy lifting). We had some delicious cinnamon biscuits made with Hershey's cinnamon chips (best to keep them far away from me lest I eat the whole pack). Jack and Bethany had milk and Amy and I had real tea out of a pot. Amy has some beautiful cups and saucers so it was all very civilised.

Then Jack and Bethany played, while Amy and I talked about food (surprise) and then Jack discovered a jigsaw puzzle which he and Bethany assembled and then it was time to build the house. Amy took charge of the piping (a wise decision) while Bethany and Jack supervised.

Finally it was ready for decorating which Jack loved. Quality control was important as they both tested the freckles and smarties for freshness, colour and texture. Their dedication was impressive. And then it was all finished. Jack asked me several times if we were taking it home and I assured him that we were.

On the way home a tree got eaten. Then S and Jack ate the people and a piece of roof. The house's days are numbered. I will have to try and exercise superhuman restraint as I love gingerbread and have been known to overdo it so much that I have to take a break for a month or two. I did contemplate taking it to playgroup to share but I'm not sure it will last that long. Not much point in taking a wall with some teethmarks in it.


Amy said...

So quick with the posting! I'm going to spread mine out. We had a lovely time too, though I made myself feel ill on the cinnamon bikkies after you left :( Very funny about the wall with teeth marks!

Hampers said...

Nice blog.Glad to see that you had a great time on Christmas. Your house looks great. Your kids are adorable.