Tuesday, 17 March 2009


It's been a busy couple of weeks here (someone had a birthday) and this is my first chance to sit down and write. I suppose it's the blogger's paradox. If you have plenty of time to blog, that usually means that not much is going on and the blog isn't going to be that interesting but if you've got lots on, well you get the idea. So of course I returned home from Melbourne and there's been book groups, a visit from Soph and Karen, a night of wine, chocolate and women (!) at the licorice factory and of course the ongoing birthday celebrations that look to go on for a few more days yet. Before I overwhelm the bleaders with birthday photos I better finish what I started.The last day in Melbourne, which seems like a million years ago, was what I would think of as a typical Melbourne day. Overcast but we weren't bothered, luckily I packed a spare cardie. We had breakfast in another little laneway cafe which was nice. Well, the food was nice but the staff seemed distracted. I asked for the ricotta on toast and the waitress looked at me and said, "eggs benedict" which is an easy mistake to make as they sound so similar. The couple in the booth next to us became a noisy foursome when a surprise visitor turned up. We couldn't work it out but were entertained by the squeals and foot stomping.
After breakfast we walked to the Arts Centre Markets at Southbank. We saw hand knitted baby clothes, kaleidoscopes, soaps and the most amazing dolls. Not freaky, folksy dolls but very cool gothic fairies and mummys with dangling eyeballs. The woman who makes them, who looked like a Nana but who is obviously very clever, told us her site was called lollipop but I have failed to locate them. I wanted to put them on the blog because I was so taken with them. And I didn't buy one. I think she even did pirates.
After the markets Fairy and I did more clothes shopping (yes more) then met up with Wendy and Mark for Yum cha. For those that don't know me well I love Yum cha more than markets or pollywaffles. This was strange yum cha for several reasons. I didn't have prawn gowgees or any of those delicious darn (custard) tarts, the staff were quite polite and there was a dog at the table. It was allowed to stay though because it was small and well behaved. I did get some slippy sloppy noodles (aka prawn rice noodles) which are a favourite and some lovely chinese broccoli. With time moving quickly and people eyeing off our table we picked up our suitcases and headed to the airport. There was a funny incident on the way with a wigged out guy in a petrol station and police with pepper spray which could have gone pear shaped but I was delivered to the airport at just the right moment. The check in man for Rex guessed my identity (maybe it makes the time go quickly and yes, he did get it right) and I was Wagga bound.
My lovely boys met me at the airport and I was updated on their adventures (they went on the train) and we headed home together.

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Amy said...

I'm glad the birthday celebrations are almost over because I have been waiting to read about the rest of the trip! Mmmm Yum Cha...