Monday, 2 March 2009


Last weekend I went south of the border, down Mexico way for a girls' weekend with my very lovely friends Wendy and Fairy, who flew in from Queensland - boy, her arms must've been tired (bom bom!).
After a lovely Friday morning with my boys (we attended storytime at the library, then went to the park for a play and some morning tea) they dropped me at the airport. We did stop to admire Jack on his poster but no one asked him for an autograph.

The flight down is pretty quick and I was immersed in the new Phryne Fisher mystery anyway. As these books are set in Melbourne in the 1920's I thought it was a good choice. I did briefly look out the window as we got close to Melbourne and could see some of the damage from the bushfires.
It seems to be the same old story. Some areas completely burnt out while metres away everything remains untouched.
Wendy picked me up from the airport and we scooted back to her place. I talked her ear off for a few hours then we returned once more to the airport to pick up Fairy. Hugs all round we returned to the house and picked up supplies then drove into town for Moonlight Cinema in the botanical gardens. We had heard talk of bean bags (how civilised) but when we got there they were being monopolised by VIP bottoms.

We did get a free glassette (it was very small) of wine and free bag of lollies so I guess it's all swings and roundabouts. We found a good spot and waited for Wendy's husband to appear and then we tucked into out picnic.

It got darker and the screen appeared as did the bats and the mozzies and we settled in for our movie. 'Marley and me' is about a dog and as he is a dog who is not named Lassie and I know there's not a series I had a pretty good idea that Marley would not live forever. All I'm going to say is that I'm glad Wendy brought those extra tissues.
We ambled back to the car then headed home and chatted until the early hours of Saturday morning. We reluctantly went to bed knowing we'd need all the strength we could muster for the day ahead that would consist of shopping, cocktails and Wicked the musical.

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