Saturday, 21 March 2009

Choo-choo (toot!)

On the day of Jack's actual birthday we had some visitors come over for Jack to play with. I made chocolate butterfly cakes (they were really for us - I used cream and Hank's boysenberry Jam)and little quiches and Elise brought more cupcakes (which proved to be very popular). Everyone seemed to have a lovely time but we knew it was time for a nap when a bit of argy bargy appeared on the scene.
That night we went to Mudgeegong for the official birthday feast. From the moment Jack saw his cake he was transfixed and who can blame him. My friend Nellie made the same cake for J1's birthday but apparently hers ended up looking like a sofa.
Jack did a wonderful job of blowing out his candles (we've been practising).

We weren't worried about Jack being so enthralled with his cake till it was time to cut it and he looked horrified. He did manage to eat some cake (and feed some to Noel) then ran to the freezer to get an ice cream. That ice cream gene is very strong (it comes from both sides of the family).

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!! Your cake was amazing and it should be yummy!!
Many many kisses my little little friend.
Rebeca :-*