Friday, 20 March 2009

The birthday festivities

So as I said things have been hectic around here. My first book group meeting has come and gone. I think we talked about the book for fifteen minutes but I didn't feel too cheated as I had spent so much time talking to Wend, Fairy and Mark and then Karen and Soph about books so it all balanced out. We're doing the Kiterunner for the next meeting so that will be interesting. I must read it (after I finish two more books I promise - The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas and The Taste of Memory by Marion Halligan). And I did pick up some local 'news' including something which closely resembles the plot of the Thorn Birds except this turned out happily. Actually come to think of it I'm not sure how the Thorn Birds finishes.
Jack has turned two and in the style of my family, his birthday celebrations have been spread out over a week. Last weekend my parents arrived, followed by Craig and Lou and Scarlett and we had a dinner and lots of playing. With cake, cake and more cake. Actually at the dinner we had ice cream from the special ice cream machine which was a big hit, though obviously one was not enough for Jack.

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