Friday, 20 March 2009

Kissing Cousins

We were all waiting to see how Jack and Scarlett would get along. Their relationship has been up and down, a bit like a rugby game with a fair amount of shoving and the occasional eye gouge. When we were away Scarlett used to watch Jack on Youtube, but she seemed disappointed by the real thing when we returned. Last Christmas they were starting to play together (or unwrap presents) .
When we met up at the Grower's Markets in Wagga, Jack gave Scarlett a big kiss and she though this was hilarious. I may have to talk to him about this as we don't really want to relocate to Tumbarumba or Tasmania. They had a milkshake, fed the ducks and threw grass on each other.
Back at our place they played well together. They played inside and outside and had fun, though if Jack wondered off Scarlett would call, "Jack! Jack!" till he reappeared.

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