Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sandy news

In the back of my mind, tucked away in a quiet little corner, was a thought, a thought that if questioned I wouldn't readily admit to and that is the thought that one day as I strolled around Edinburgh that I may well bump into Sandy and say hi (no mum I am not a stalker). And of course I'd probably say something pithy prompting a giggle from the great man.
However upon reading his website http://www.alexandermccallsmith.co.uk I discovered that he is currently in Botswana working on the No. 1Ladies Opera House project so the people of Gaborone have a place to sing and even stage an opera or two.
The other news I found out was that there is a new 44 Scotland Street novel coming out very soon, called The Unbearable Lightness of Scones and . I was surprised because there is nothing in the bookshops here about it and I would've thought that it would be big news. In fact the reaction to Sandy's name is pretty lukewarm. Apparently the problem is that Sandy writes too much and here was I thinking that was a good thing. I know the No 1 Ladies series was only meant to have about six or seven books and that number has now been changed to eleven but I could understand how it would be hard to part company with Precious and Mr JLB MatekoniMma Makutsi. I think there's a bit of this feeling about Ian Rankin too, maybe it's a case of 'tall thistle syndrome' (hahaha).
I think the book may not be out until mid july so I'll just have to wait. It wouldn't fit in my bag anyway.

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