Thursday, 3 July 2008

making more friends at the botanics

Having ticked off all our cultural destinations on the list, Jack and I had an easy day today (while S went to Dundee) and went to the botanics again. Here we spent time on some Duck Aversion Therapy for Jack (chasing ducks)and also got very up close (though thankfully not personal) with some squirrels. They are very tame.

And Jack tried to make friends. Over and over again. He just strolls up to a group of people and starts walking along with them. Sometimes people think it's cute, other times they seem to think it's weird and I have to retrieve him. S thinks it's character building - preparing him for some knock backs in life. Knock backs? Have you seen those eyelashes?
Anyway, after he had shut himself in a glasshouse and played in the education centre he met a little boy about the same age called Orson. Yes, Orson. Though there was no resemblance to the big guy and he didn't mention a rosebud. Watching the two of them was very funny indeed and Orson's mum and I clicked away at the numerous photo opportunities.

Until that is Jack stacked and it was time to go. Orson had a sympathy cry too and gave Jack a wave.

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