Saturday, 19 July 2008


In the afternoon S and Brian and Jo turned up and we went out for a spot of lunch at Waterstones. Jack worked the room in his usual manner, flirting with all females in his immediate vicinity.
After lunch we decided to get some culture. I suggested the Bog Bodies at the National museum. We found the museum easily then S in a typically Aussie manner said to a guide, "Scuse me mate, where are the bog bodies?"
The guide didn't look confused or surprised, just pointed wearily to the far corner of the room.
It seems like all manner of good stuff gets pulled out of peat bogs in Ireland. Jewellery, cauldrons and of course the bodies. I had seen the rather excellent bog body in the British museum and was slightly disappointed that these bodies were not, shall we say, as complete as that one. The one attached to the hand in the photo (which were beautifully manicured) had no head or legs. there was another body of a man that was found to have hair product in his hair. Nice. What a happy little exhibit. We had a quick look but I can't say we lingered too long.
We popped into Trinity college so Jack could have a run around but all the grass had big 'keep off the grass' signs. I mean really if there's anywhere where grass will thrive it would be Ireland. So Brian and Jo headed off for a swim and we went to the park.

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