Monday, 14 July 2008


S has said before that the English love rules and this was certainly true at the Manor where there were lots of rules for the residents and many signs everywhere just in case we forgot ourselves and decided to steal someone's food or not heat food for long enough in the microwave.
Now in France, and having had to jump through numerous hoops with paperwork, he has decided that the french also love rules and regulations. I have a feeling though that as much as they love bureaucracy, they also love to break the rules or at least bend them a little, a french queue would be a good example of this.
There is a little park just near our apartment building. It has gates and a big no dog sign so I thought it would be perfect for Jack to run around. Except that when we got there I was astounded by the amount of dog poo everywhere. Either there are some very 'regular' guide dogs in Jouy or people are ignoring that sign. Fortunately we came away unscathed but then Jack did spend a lot of time on the bench.

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Anonymous said...

It is funny because, when i was in england, i was so happy to trust the grass to have a rest... or just walk on it.
Because in france, the french grass is for the dog poo...
fucking dog ! or fucking dog's owner

Nicolas (French Manor resident)