Friday, 4 July 2008

laundry and other exciting pursuits

S told me that the apartment came with a washing machine and dryer. I spotted the washing machine when we arrived and have come to the conclusion that the dryer is the rack in the cupboard. There is a hot water system in there so it can get warm but it seems to be just not doing the job. Our clothes were taking so long to dry that they started to get well, stinky. Yeuch. I threw them all into a bag and left them at the laundry across the road. Hey presto. I hope they shrank a bit so they'll fit in our bags.Jack and I charged around Edinburgh's city centre purchasing a few last minute things (books - hehehe - don't tell anyone) and then back to the botanics again. Not many squirrels around today. I think the word must be out about Jack.

On Sunday we fly to Paris for the next part of our adventure. I was worried about our lack of french language skills so I borrowed a CD called 'one day french'. The librarian, who told me that she used to teach French, looked at it with undisguised contempt. I have to say it is pretty cheesy. It has a fake setup with a German woman (who speaks french) sitting next to an English doofus (no really) on a plane. She decides to teach him french for a bottle of champagne. And when I say doofus I mean it. At one stage he says, "Je voudrais un Ferrari." Sigh.
I may also be entering the wifi wilderness so there may not be any blogging for a week. You've all been spoilt with my almost daily postings! But you never know. Our studio may have wifi or I may find a cafe or shop with computers that I can use. If only I could ask to use them. Working for a french man taught me a lot of french swear words but not much else and those year 7 french classes equipped me with enough french to ask for a kilo of potatoes. That's all I need. Mon Dieu! I'm counting on Jack to melt even the most glacial of Gallic hearts. I hope it works.

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