Thursday, 26 November 2015

Wednesday Morning Milkshake club

Sam started going to daycare this year. He likes to call it preschool. He's never really been sold on teh idea and my mother suggested it's because he has too good a time with me. Hmmm.
A highlight is the wednesday morning milkshake club where we go to a cafe (usually Dolce & Salato) and Sam has a milkshake and flower biscuits and I have something like a sfogliatelle (a flaky, ricotta pastry). I started taking photos and posting them and then people started asking where the photo was if I was late. And that's how it became a thing. After a successful change in location (to the beach for an alfresco nude edition and a memorable visit back to Ajanta in Coolamon) I'm thinking we should venture further afield. Like out of Fremantle.

Wednesday Morning Milkshake Club alfresco edition

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