Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A visitor from the east coast

 We are finding that now we are in lovely Freo that people are quite keen to visit. One such visitor arrived recently for a two week stay and whilst we normally aren't great with people who stay longer than 3 days, he was very easygoing and low maintenance. While Flat Stanley or Flat as we called him,  was here we tried to show him the sights and I think we did pretty well. We took him to the Maritime museum and Shipwreck Galleries, the Fremantle Arts Centre (where we saw a band!), Fremantle Prison, Kings Park, Perth Concert Hall, plenty of street art and of course the beach. While he was here there was a festival (there always is) and he saw a thriller flash mob and Katie Noonan. I took a lot of photos and got some funny looks and reluctantly sent him back to Wagga with a travel diary chock full of memories.

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