Sunday, 29 November 2015


When I was in fourth grade I remembered learning about Dutch explorers discovering Rottnest island of the coast of WA and quokkas.They thought the Quokkas were giant rats (which is how the island got its name). For some reason I decided that I really, really wanted to go there and somehow never let go of the idea.
When we moved here I thought we would go immediately but with one thing and another we never got around to it. Craig and Lou and Scarlett came for a visit and Lou (bless her grant wishing socks) organised for us to go.
I didn't manage a quokka selfie as they appeared a tad camera shy but we did see some and gave them a pat (apparently you aren't supposed to).
We also explored a little and went for a swim and ate. It was an all round lovely way to spend a day and I cannot wait to go back. If only for the quokka selfie.

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