Wednesday, 1 July 2015


When we moved here we made sure that we packed all our bikes, even mine which hasn't been ridden in a very, very long time. The idea was that Simon would ride to work and the rest of us would use the wonderful bike paths around here. Well, none of that happened till Monday. 
The weather while Noel and Diane was here was not great, certainly not the balmy winter we'd been experiencing. However, the day after they left it was warm and sunny and beautiful. Sam and I drove to school to pick up Jack (unusual as we always walk) and we drove down to south beach. The boys donned their helmets (very unfremantle) and hopped on their bikes.They decided to go left so we headed in the direction of what is known as dog beach. The cycling paths are very popular so I had to keep reminding Jack to stick to his side (LEFT!LEFT!LEFT JACK!) but all went well. We had a picnic on the beach, met some nice pooches and the boys had a paddle. In Winter.

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