Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Jack got his report on Wednesday. It was good, especially considering he only started 3rd grade one term ago. He also had a breakthrough on the social side when he finally got to trade Pokemon cards with his friends.
According to his teacher it's a tough cohort to crack so in spite of previous experiences finding animal or footy cards everywhere  (and I mean everywhere) we got him some cards to trade to give him an in. Especially after he made his own but no one wanted to swap. The first lot were a bit run of the mill but Noel and Diane (with some help) got the right cards and success!
Yesterday we went to our favourite cafe, Lenny the Ox to celebrate good reports, pokemon and german cheesecake.


sonya said...

Goodness me Sam is looking so grown up! Well done on the Pokemon cards - I love that Jack made his own! I'd trade with him :)

jetlagmama@themanor said...

Of course you would! Because you have more empathy than a group of 8 year old boys. He's now performing chores (well guitar practice) to earn new packs of cards.
Moments after this photo, Sam blew instead of sucking and milkshake went everywhere!